What is Headless Mode Drone?

January 03, 2018

Many gadget stores are now offering a affordable drone with a Headless Mode feature, the device is also available at the AVRstore by the name of GLOBAL DRONE GW007-2 HEADLESS MODE REMOTE CONTROL DRONE QUADCTOPER RC but many people wonder how exactly this feature works? Ideally the headless mode was only available on the advanced level drones and we’re considered more expensive, however, this feature is now available in the more affordable drones too and is no longer an exclusivity.

This feature originates from the issue of functionality that many flyers consider. Using a joystick to control the drones movement can become highly complicated as they are relatively small and it can become confusing to differentiate between the front and back. There are colour identifications available to make a distinction between the front and back but with distance this also becomes difficult to see.

On order to overcome this problem some drone manufacturers have installed coloured LED lights in the front and back of the drone, different coloured lights to make a distinction between the front and back, however, there is a problem with this too, during the daylight the colours are less visible. This is where the headless mode falls in, it was designed to issue this problem. The headless mode is designed to allow pilots to avoid stressing over the orientation of the drone, it is no longer an issue which way the drone is facing as the drone is designed to follow commands according to your perspective.

The headless mode is not complicated at all, just ensure the drone is facing you whilst taking off and activate headless mode, it is no longer necessary to worry about the direction of the drone because it is aligned towards the movement of the controller, when the controller pushes forward the drone moves in that direction, if during headless mode you command the drone to turn right whilst it is facing towards you it will turn to your right. The need to keep track of the orientation of your drone is now eliminated.

If you are a newbie at drones this is a perfect choice for you as it helps you to adjust and learn and is a affordable entry in to the world of drones.




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