Three Alternatives to a Selfie Stick

January 11, 2018

Bored of a selfie stick? Here are three alternatives you could use.

A few trends remain hyped for ages but then there are other trends that invade the public for a short span of time before they are quickly forgotten , selfies are likely to be around for a while, however, selfie sticks are fading out and will soon become history. The selfie stick was originally developed to ensure large field pictures but soon it became a safety hazard, the stick will hit people while walking the streets and was more or less a distraction as some people even used it in high traffic. If your still into your selfies your in for luck because we have some alternatives for you for when selfie sticks become old news.


Smartphone-controlled Mini Cams

Smartphones are actually really smart, recently I discovered an app that allows my smartphone to operate as an alternative for my television remote control, well guess what your smartphone can even control a camera. Have you heard of the Podo? It’s a tiny wireless camera, you can stick it to the wall or other surfaces and use your phone to control it it’s like a selfie stick but without the stick, amazing right? He perfect selfies without having to carry around a weird looking stick. As the podo is maneuverable you can get perfect selfies, however the one disadvantage is that as the podo is small you may look a little funny posing in front of a camera that no one else can see.


Selfie Snake

The Selfie Snake is available at the AVRSTORE it can be used anywhere it’s a handsfree selfie stick which can be used in the car, or with any surface, it wraps around surface like a snake that’s why it’s called a selfie snake it’s particularly useful for vlogging and to be used whilst moving. It has a bendy Selfie Snake ensures 360-degree shooting perspective.


Lens Accessories

Get that crystal clear clarity with a camera lens, it gives you similar wide angle results like a selfie stick but it isn’t handsfree you still have to use your hands to take the picture but the result is like a selfie stick, infact better, you’ll find HD quality pictures with this lens. 



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