Never Drop Your Phone Again

December 16, 2017


Are you clumsy? Like most of us and tend to drop your phone rather often? How will you feel if I told you that there is now a way to avoid dropping your phone and I have a fun solution for you? I bet you’re ecstatic! Because I sure am and guess what? This little gadget available at AVR STORE is going to make an awesome stocking filler this Christmas, head over to our online store now to purchase the “Undrop” this is the must have holding gift to protect your valuable phone from dropping and damaging your phone.

The Undrop can be attached to any device, it comes with a double sided storing grip sticker to mount to the device and loop of fabric on the other hand that you can place around your finger for secure scrolling through your phone and having a comfortable conversation without the threat of your device dropping.

The Undrop not only enhances your phone’s beauty it is also very flexible and secure, it allows you to hold your phone in many ways allowing you a comfortable conversation, the bond is so strong around your phone and fingers to make sure it doesn’t just slip through.


We’ve all had that accident when our phone just suddenly slipped through our hands or we left it somewhere and can’t remember where we’ll stress no more and hurry to AVR stores and get your hands on a Undrop.