How to be a Retro Gamer?

December 10, 2017

Are you new to the gaming world? Are you a '90s baby? Do you remember the Atari, Nintendo, Gameboy, Super Mario and Sonic the hedgehog? remember how awesome the old school gaming experience used to be. How about becoming a retro gamer!


Indulge in your passion fruit r retro gaming and do justice to your nostalgia and invest in a retro gamer . Earn respect over the Internet from other gamers and become a hero of the nerd gamers, even gamers that are trying to leave their gaming past behind are bound to reminisce of the good old gaming days.


But the question is how does one become a retro gamer? Do I need to it go through years of old software? I don't have the time, well worry not we have the perfect solution for you.


Buy a Retro Console and Software


Ok so I did just say play any of these old games your eyes are probably not used to the old design choices and archaic visual and audio, it's probably going through make you cringe. However, you need something to help you get over the 90s gaming experience and aide you in erasing your gaming past. Well to help you out just visit AVR stores products and get your hands on a Retro gamer. You have to agree that a CD-based console like the Sony PlayStation is not truly a 90s gamers haven it's more of a modern console so think older. If the Retro gamer is similar to the Atari the love of every 90s child.


Purchase some 90s software ok games such as Super Mario and Sonic the hedgehog can be purchased online, buy some 90s gear like a Gameboy or a joy stick to help you go back in time.


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